Monday, January 28, 2008

Yet another blog

So the inevitable question is, why? There are already a huge number of blogs out there, why add another voice to the wilderness? Well, after almost a decade of participating in internet investing message boards (which I will continue to do), I decided to try my hand at a new medium. Blogging provides a different platform and different audience than the message boards and hopefully will provide new ideas as well. In general, my focus in investing has been in the wireless sector, though anything in tech has been fair game. I see a ton of opportunities over the next few years as devices come to market that bring about the long awaited convergence of handsets, PMP's, internet appliances, cameras, and more. The iPhone is obviously a large milestone in this trend and I imagine that I will be discussing both the short and long-term impact of Apple's entry into the handset market. I also see the efforts to bring aspects of the PC/internet into the living room as creating a plethora of different winners in the hardware, software and content spaces.

Of course, as with any blog, we'll just have to see where this goes....


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