Thursday, February 14, 2008

The iPhone's Stunning Search Numbers

We all know that the iPhone has changed the rules of the mobile handset game....watching the other handset manufacturers fall all over themselves in their rush to embrace touchscreens is just one sign of the new environment. However, even knowing that the iPhone has caused a revolution doesnt diminish my astonishment at these new numbers from Google

50 Times!

That is how many more Google searches have been performed on the iPhone than any other mobile handset. While this data is obviously skewed by the Apple-Google partnership, the overall trend is backed up by the browser stats that have been released. You can argue endlessly about the merits of the iPhone, but it is indisputable that the iPhone has transformed the mobile internet. The rest of the industry is trying to adapt with the touchscreen S60, Android, and Xperia heading the list of new initiatives. Unfortunately, all three of these were still in very rough form at MWC, so we wont have a very good idea on their progress until the end of the year.

One question I'd like to have answered, does Google split any of their search revenue with Apple? That built-in search box could eventually become a very lucrative piece of real estate for Apple and their search partner.

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