Wednesday, February 13, 2008


An interesting report out of Lehman this morning that states that Nokia's N96 actually contains a Nomadik apps processor from STM. The question is if this win is due to missteps out of TI or just indicative of Nokia's ongoing attempts to diversify their supplier base. Regardless though, this is a high profile win for STM and may help them gain some traction in the apps processor market. However, I'd like to learn a bit more about what chip is inside. Is it the 90nm ARM9 enabled STn8815 or an early sampling of the 65nm ARM11 enabled STn8820? In either case, Nokia clearly has some work to do with their apps processor partners in improving the power consumption of their platform.

Implications for TI? Well, this continues the move over the last year of Nokia to diversify away from their dependence on their long-time chipset supplier. TI will need to stay an "ARM" generation ahead of the competition. The Cortex enabled OMAP3430 will do that, but timing will be much more critical than in past design cycles.

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