Friday, February 22, 2008

The Next Generation of Mobile OS's

The hype over the iPhone was absolutely overwhelming and while sales have only been lukewarm thus far, there is one area where it did live up to its billing. It truly has changed the game in terms of the development of the mobile OS. Intuitive, receptive and just downright fun to use, the iPhone is light years ahead of the competition. However, Barcelona gave us an idea as to what some of the competition has up it sleeve. Most have rightly focused on the development of Android, but I think Nvidia's demonstrations provided a far more revealing look at the capabilities of the next generation of OS's.

As one blogger wrote, it looks like it is right out of Minority Report.

Now Nvidia isnt in the OS business. They were just using this as a demonstration for their ARM11 enabled AXP 2500 processor, which is what makes this demonstration all the more stunning. They put that OS together in five weeks. Imagine what Apple, Sony Ericsson or Nokia will be able to do when they get their hands on that kind of horsepower. Unfortunately, the AXP 2500 wont be available in handsets until the 2nd half of ' is going to be a long wait!

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